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React Native
React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework allowing developers to create cross-platform native applications using React. It became an instant hit with our development team and our clients following its launch in early 2015. Both development time and project complexity are significantly reduced while using React Native due to its cross-platform component-based logic.

Invertase develops mobile applications using React Native, and, paired with our strong knowledge of Node.js, Firebase and Google Cloud Platform we've built the backend infrastructure to support these applications.

We understand the advantages and disadvantages of React Native, and as such when needed, we fall back on native platform integrations using Java and Objective-C.

Our team plays an active part in the React Native Core Contributors group and work alongside other key stakeholders to enhance the future of React Native and the community. One of our flagship Open Source products is the official Firebase integration for React Native which receives over 200k monthly downloads and is used by thousands of developers and companies worldwide.