Gonçalo Palma

Lead Flutter Developer

I’m a curious and passionate Software Developer that found his calling in the Flutter framework 💙 for which I am a Google Developer Expert.

I’m fortunate enough to have worked on a wide range of projects, from Smart Cities, running and fitness, live event management, e-commerce, identity providers, and most recently, equine management.

In my off-times, you can see me playing with my dogs with my fiancé 💍 or convincing (and eventually mentoring) my friends into joining the wonderful world of Software Development.

Posts By Author

Firebase Extensions – Shorten URLs

Sharing is one of the most common features in modern web and mobile applications. It allows us to show a social media post or a photograph we took to a friend, share the planning for an upcoming business travel with our company, or even send that item from an e-commerce website to Santa to have a PS5 finally. To do so, we copy the URL for that specific website (or use the Share function on our devices), and we send it via different outlets – social media, messaging apps, snail mail, or others so that other people can click on it and see what we wanted to share.

PUBLISHED ON 1st August, 2023

GitHub Actions – Ensuring Quality in our Flutter Codebase

Many products aim to provide us with a CI Pipeline for our projects, from the ones targeted to Flutter, such as CodeMagic, to custom CI Pipelines in which we must prepare for each new technology, such as Jenkins or Tekton. In this article, we will explore GitHub actions that, although they still need to be prepared to be used as solutions such as CodeMagic, are easier to set up than Jenkins and let us easily customize the pipeline as we need.

PUBLISHED ON 11th July, 2023

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