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Introducing Dart Globe: Simplifying Dart Application Deployment

Majid Hajian

Head of DevRel

3rd July, 2023

We are thrilled to announce Globe, a pioneering deployment platform specifically tailored for Dart developers. Globe is here to redefine the development experience, centered around simplicity, efficiency, and exceptional developer experience.

Whether you are developing APIs, crafting intricate websites, or pioneering more server-based applications, Globe is here to remove the barriers to effective deployment.

So, what can you expect from Globe?

Let’s delve into the some of features:

  • Streamlined Deployment: No more wrestling with lengthy and complicated deployment procedures. With Globe, you can deploy your Dart applications with a single command or automate the process on every push to your Git repository. Whether it’s for previewing or production deployments, Globe has got you covered.

  • Seamless GitHub Integration: Globe harmoniously integrates with your existing CI/CD pipeline. It enables automatic deployment of your applications with every push to your Git repository, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.

  • Organization Support: Globe allows you to manage multiple projects and users under a single account, providing a robust solution for team-based projects and larger organizations.

  • Preview Deployments: Preview every change, commit, or PR before deploying to production.

  • Globe CLI: Interact with Dart Globe through the command-line interface, providing a host of commands for deployment and management.

  • Popular Framework Support: Dart Globe supports popular Dart frameworks, ensuring a seamless integration and deployment experience regardless of your framework preference.

  • Zero Management Overhead: Enjoy zero management of servers, networking, and scaling, with global availability and automatic scaling to meet demand.

  • Custom Domains with SSL: You can assign custom domains to your projects easily. And to top it off, SSL certificates are automatically generated and renewed, adding a layer of security without the additional hassle.

Globe Architecture

Globe’s robust infrastructure is designed to tackle challenges like managing cold starts and region-based latency. Our global edge network, located in 300+ cities across 100+ countries, facilitates zero latency routing to our compute regions, instant rollbacks, DDoS mitigation, A/B testing deployments, and much more.

Furthermore, Globe uses container technology to start your Dart applications on-demand. We automatically scale your application based on the number of incoming requests, creating containers in the region closest to the user request.

However, Globe is more than just its existing capabilities. We are constantly expanding and evolving. We’re currently exploring a functions/serverless model through promising technologies like WASM, and we welcome feedback and interest from the developer community.

Globe’s Private Preview Program

We’re excited to invite you to join our closed beta testing program at Globe.dev. By participating, you’ll have a direct impact on shaping Globe’s future, helping us fine-tune our platform to better serve Dart developers worldwide. Join us today in revolutionizing Dart deployment!


Globe is a cutting-edge deployment platform that’s revolutionizing the world of Dart development. By integrating seamlessly with your existing workflows, providing global reach, offering superior scalability, and ensuring effortless deployment, Globe epitomizes the next generation of Dart application deployment. As we continue to expand our functionalities, including exploring serverless models and broadening our framework support, we remain committed to maintaining Globe’s simplicity and efficiency.

The future of Dart deployment is here, and it’s called Globe. Join us today in this exciting journey and experience a smarter, smoother, and more efficient deployment process. Welcome to Globe!

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Majid Hajian

Head of DevRel



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