JavaScript Frontend Engineer

Full Time
Remote, Europe

We are looking for a JavaScript Frontend Engineer to join our team! This is a chance to work with exciting technologies, focusing on delivering high quality modern frontend solutions on the web.

Working alongside our team, you will be working on a variety of projects and problems such as complex reactive web applications, documentation portals for our Open Source Software and company/product website(s). This role is focused on working with React, using frameworks such as Next.js, Vite & Gatsby.

As a JavaScript Frontend Engineer, you will: #

  • Be a hands-on software developer spending the majority of your time in code.
  • Be involved in the full lifecycle of a project, including:
    • Providing valuable feedback on design, user experience and accessibility.
    • Scoping & prioritizing development work.
    • Technology selection and architecture design.
  • Be adaptable in the technologies you work with - we work with whatever technology is right for the job.
  • Keep up to date with the evolving industry, embracing new languages and frameworks, containers and cloud, and not be afraid to dig deep and learn new things all the time.

The ideal candidate will: #

  • Have proven experience working with JavaScript, React & GIT.
  • Be interested in cutting edge frameworks and both their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Have a passion for frontend design, user experience and accessibility.
  • Have an understanding of relatable technologies, including:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web Analytics
    • Performance
  • Enjoy participating in the full lifecycle of the software product: from idea and design, via implementation and user interface, to operational considerations.


  •  £25k - £35k
  •  Work Remotely
  •  Private Medical Insurance
  •  Balanced IP Agreement
  •  Equipment Budget
  •  Flexible Working Hours

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