Open Source Engineer - Dart & Flutter

Full Time
Remote, Europe

We are looking for a Dart & Flutter engineer to join our team as an Open Source Engineer. You will be working on high profile Open Source projects such as FlutterFire & Melos, working alongside our team of engineers to deliver project requirements for our clients, such as Google.

You will gain exposure to the full lifecycle of Open Source Software, such as assisting in the planning of releases, working to resolve bugs and issues raised by the community, reviewing and providing technical feedback on Pull Requests. This is a technical role working on Dart/Flutter tooling and integration projects, rather than application development using Flutter.

As an Open Source Engineer, you will:

  • Represent the company across our own and our clients Open Source Software.
  • Work with our CTO & OSS Lead to deliver project requirements in a timely manner to a high standard.
  • Be a hands-on software developer, working across the full lifecycle of OSS:
    • Issue and Pull Request triage.
    • Being reactive and autonomous whilst working on issues, features and overall project maintenance.
    • Carry out code reviews from both the public and colleagues.
    • Participate and engage in discussions both publicly and internally about key decisions and directions of projects.
  • Work as part of the team, sharing and reviewing ideas, mentoring and guiding team members through technology architecture and implementation details.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a keen interest in Open Source Software.
  • An ideal candidate will understand what it means to maintain Open Source Projects.
  • Have an active and up-to-date GitHub account.
  • Maintain or be actively involved with Open Source Software, specifically in the Dart ecosystem.
  • Be willing to learn new or challenging technologies such as Java & Objective-C.
  • Take pride in their work, ensuring it is delivered to a high quality.
  • You will be representing the company in public - carrying out work to a high quality and professional standard is extremely important to us.


  •  £35k - £45k
  •  Work Remotely
  •  Private Medical Insurance
  •  Balanced IP Agreement
  •  Equipment Budget
  •  Flexible Working Hours

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