Open Source Software Lead

Technical / Managerial / DevRel
Full Time
Remote, United Kingdom

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team as an Open Source Software Lead. Working directly with the CTO, you will be responsible for the overall development strategy across a broad range of both internal and external Open Source projects, this is a hybrid role between software development, project management & developer relations.

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with high profile public Open Source projects and clients such as Google, working across a wide variety of different technologies such as NodeJS, React Native, Flutter and Google Cloud Platform. This role will be a key part to the success of the business, working closely with the CTO & CEO to drive company success.

As Open Source Software Lead, you will:

  • Represent the company both publicly and privately on OSS repositories and client meetings.
  • Shape the technical strategy and direction of our Open Source Software, working closely with our clients, turning their vision into technical strategies.
  • Be responsible for the delivery of project requirements across our portfolio of projects.
  • Work with the CTO to direct a team of software engineers, including:
    • Being the main point of contact for day-to-day development operations.
    • Organise and manage the team's activity and workloads.
    • Ensure that all work is delivered in a timely manner and to a high standard.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a keen interest in Open Source Software.
    • An ideal candidate will understand what it means to maintain Open Source Projects.
  • Have an active and up-to-date GitHub account.
  • Maintain or be actively involved with Open Source Software.
  • Have proven experience working in some of our key technologies such as JavaScript, Dart, React Native, Flutter, Dev Ops etc.
  • Have been responsible for managing or leading a team of software engineers.
  • Have a client facing personality - being able to cross communicate with non-technical clients and software engineers.


  •  £55k - £75k
  •  Work Remotely
  •  Private Medical Insurance
  •  Balanced IP Agreement
  •  Equipment Budget
  •  Flexible Working Hours

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