Flutter & Dart Internship

2 Months
June to September 2022

The Flutter and Dart Internship program is designed to help students, fresh graduates and junior developers to level up their Flutter and Dart skills by working on production-ready applications under community experts supervision. The ultimate goal of the program is to go beyond tutorials and workshops, and aims to guide participants to work on real applications. We hope that at the end of this program, by dedication and determination under expert guidance, the participants will become ready for taking any job in the market.

Why this program?


You'll be working under Flutter and Dart industry experts and you will learn how to build production-ready applications.


Open Source Softwares are a big part of software development nowadays. We will help you to work on OSS projects that are outstanding in the community.

Skill development

Learn and practice your soft skills, such as team-work, technical writing, and effective communication.


A chance to meet other people from the community, and create a professional network.

The program benefits

FlutterVikings 2022

Your FREE pass to Flutter Vikings 2022, August 31st and September 1st is covered by us! Enjoy the offline conference! and meet even more experts!

Travel to Norway

We will cover your flight & accommodation expenses for 2 nights (30-31 August) to Oslo up to $500, around the FlutterVikings venue!

Get hired

We will help you to find out how to properly write your resume, find job applications and apply. High chance of being hired quicker!

Get involved

We will help you to be recognized in the community. You'll find a chance to connect with other community members and perhaps stay a maintainer!

What should particpants do

Time dedication

You should at least spend 20-30 hours a week. You can only level up if you are serious and have time. Allocate 4-5 hours each day at least.


Listen to your mentors and follow the program. Focus and build amazing things. Build your resume.

Ask questions

You are in this program to ask questions and get help to level up your skill! the more you give, the more you get. Email, chat and communicate on GitHub issues.

Progress report

You'll be evaluated based on your task's progress and your communication and how you report what you have done! Let us know what you do!

Be proactive

If you can figure out better systems and ways of coding or working, why not offer us something to improve the entire team or projects?

Be responsive

Stay responsive, make your portfolio and get the best out of the program. If you are not able to do that, please do let other that can join the program.

Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply for internship as long as the following principles are met:
  • Strong believers in Open Source Software
  • Students or fresh graduate
  • Members of underrepresented group
  • Unemployed junior Flutter developer who is available for 2-month
  • Career changing professionals who wish to learn Flutter


  1. Application open for submission

    The program will be announced and application will be open for applicant to propose their resumes.

  2. Application close to submission

    The program application will be closed and the interview and selection process will start!

  3. Applicant interview

    The shortlisted candidate will be invited to a non-technical interview. This is an introduction interview to get to know each other.

  4. Selected applicants announcement

    After finalizing interviews and reviewing applications carefully, Only 5 applicants will be announced to start this current duration of the program! Do not disappoint if you are not selected! we will have other duration too, keep an eye on our blog and tweet and subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest update!

  5. Interns onboarding

    All 5 applicants will be on-boarded and their task will be assigned to start their projects! If you are not among those 5 applicants! keep an eye on the program for the next time!

  6. Interns evaluation

    The 2-month period will start and our expert will work closely with interns and will evaluate them carefully! You'll have daily standup, weekly sync meeting and need to continuously report your progress. You will have access to your mentor to ask your question. You'll be treated as you are working on an international company! So, make sure you are doing your best! We expect you to work at least 4-5 hours on business-days! Make sure you have a relaxing weekend and refreshing holidays!

  7. Interns graduation

    After 2 amazing months, you are ready to be graduated and start looking for a job. In this time, we will help you to build your resume and guide you to find where to find jobs. We will provide you a recommendation letter. Make sure you have done a great job that we can indicate that in your recommendation letter.

About Invertase

We're a small and specialized team focused on building tooling and integration software to help companies succeed. We have a strong footprint in the Flutter and Dart community, and we believe that we all should work together to improve the Flutter and Dart ecosystem.

  • Strong believers in Open Source Software.
  • Our software is used by thousands of developers worldwide.
  • We thrive on solving challenges through innovative software.

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