Grand Prizes

Invertase content comptetition grand perizes

Get ready to unleash your creativity and win big! The Content Contest offers a chance for participants to showcase their skills and compete for a range of exciting prizes. Take your content creation to the next level and stand a chance to win these amazing prizes! Everyone can be a winner!

  • Zappy!
  • Up to $1000 in cash!
  • Delongi Luxurious Coffee Machine
  • HyperX Content Creator Headphone and Microphone
  • Google Home
  • Google Nest, mini and Audio
  • Over 100 Invertase Swag boxes!
  • Special Swag from Supabase and Widgetbook!



Gain new skills, receive mentorship, and connect with experts.


Use your creativity to develop innovative and engaging content.


Challenge yourself and compete with developers from around the world.


Receive rewards and recognition for your hard work.

Content Formats

Content can be submitted in any of the following formats.

Written Content

Written Content

This could include articles, essays, blog posts, ebooks, or other written work. Judges will assess the quality of research, originality of ideas, and persuasiveness of arguments.

Video Content

Video Content

This could include short films, product demos, tutorials, or other video content. Judges will assess the storytelling ability, visual impact, and clarity of message.

Audio Content

Audio Content

This could include podcasts, twitter space, or other forms of audio content. Judges will assess the quality of production, originality of ideas, and effectiveness of the message.

Acceptance Criteria

The judges will evaluate content based on established criteria, including originality, creativity, technical execution, user experience, and impact. The process will be fair, and unbiased, with recognition given to the most outstanding entries.

  • Originality

    The content must be original and not copied from other sources. Plagiarized or infringing content will be disqualified.

  • Relevance

    The content must be relevant to the theme or topic of the competition. It should address the challenge or prompt provided and be appropriate for the target audience.

  • Creativity

    The content should demonstrate creativity and innovation in its design, structure, and presentation. It should stand out from other entries and showcase the creator's unique style.

  • Technical Execution

    The content should demonstrate technical expertise and skill in its execution. It should be well-crafted, error-free, and use appropriate tools and techniques.

  • User Experience

    The content should provide a positive user experience and be easy to use, navigate, and understand. It should be engaging and immersive, with clear and concise messaging.

  • Overall Impact

    The content should have a strong overall impact and leave a lasting impression on the judges and the audience. It should be memorable, impactful, and leave a positive impression on the viewer.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of content can I submit for the competition?

Participants can submit written content, video content, or audio content, depending on their preference and skill set following our competition theme.

Is there an entry fee to participate in the competition?

No, there is no entry fee to participate in the competition. It is free to register and submit your content.

Can I submit content that I have already published?

No, you cannot submit content that you have already published. The content must be written between 24th of April 2023 and 24th of May 2023.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on the 30th of May 2023, via a blog post and official website and Discord channel.

What are the prizes for the competition?

Checkout the prizes section for more information about the prizes for the competition.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us either via contact page or Discord channel (

Can I submit multiple entries for the competition?

Participants can submit multiple entries for the competition, as long as they meet the specified acceptance criteria.

How will I receive my prize?

In case of cash, we can deposit to your back account or send you via PayPal. The winners will receive their prize via international postal service. Please ensure that you provide a valid address when registering for the competition.

Will I receive feedback on my content?

Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee that all participants will receive feedback.

Can I collaborate with other participants or work alone?

Participants can collaborate with other participants or work alone, depending on their preference and skill set.

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