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Integrate Into Existing Project

This guide is for integrating Firebase into an existing React Native project.

Creating a new React Native project? See the new projects guide instead.


Expo Users: Support will not be provided when using the library in Expo applications (ejected or otherwise). For support on how to use Firebase with Expo, you should contact the Expo team or the Expo community.

Adding the app dependency

Every project using React Native Firebase requires the app module to be installed. Using Yarn, add the module to your project:

yarn add @react-native-firebase/app

If you are using React Native <= 0.59 you need to manually integrate the app module into your project. See the following steps for Android and iOS for more information on manual linking.

For users on React Native >= 0.60, the module will be automatically linked to your project.


Now that you've installed the core Firebase module into your existing project, you now need to setup your project with Android & iOS:

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