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Creating a new project

This guide creates a fresh React Native project with React Native Firebase pre-integrated using the React Native CLI. If you already have a React Native project setup, follow the existing projects guide instead.

Initializing the project

The following npx command will create a new directory on your machine with the @react-native-firebase/app package pre-integrated. The <name> varible is used to both create the directory name and setup the Android & iOS environments.

npx @react-native-community/cli init --template=@react-native-firebase/template <name>

For example, to install a new TodoApp on your machine and start the Android app:

$ cd /Users/admin/Documents/
$ npx @react-native-community/cli init --template=@react-native-firebase/template TodoApp
$ cd /TodoApp/
$ react-native run-android


Now that you have a new project with the core Firebase module integrated, you have to complete the integration of Firebase into your project by adding your Firebase credentials. Follow the guides below for the platforms you wish to integrate with.

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