Notice: This documentation is currently a work in progress for the upcoming v6 release and some content may be missing or incomplete. If you're not interested in testing out the alpha version of v6 then please click here to be taken to the v5 documentation.

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Performance Monitoring Quick Start


Install this module with Yarn:

yarn add @react-native-firebase/perf

Integrating manually and not via React Native auto-linking? Check the setup instructions for Android & iOS.

Module usage

Once installed, the Performance Monitoring package automatically traces events and metrics which are sent to Firebase. For more information on the automatic traces, please see the Firebase documentation.

The Performance Monitoring package also allows for custom tracing of events via the JavaScript API.

Import the Performance Monitoring package into your project:

import perf from '@react-native-firebase/perf';

The package also provides access to the firebase instance:

import { firebase } from '@react-native-firebase/perf';

Custom Tracing

Defining a custom trace provides greater insight into actions a user may carry out with your application.

import perf from '@react-native-firebase/perf';
async function customTrace() {
// Define & start a trace
const trace = await perf().startTrace('custom_trace');
// Define trace meta details
trace.putAttribute('user', 'abcd');
trace.putMetric('credits', 30);
// Stop the trace
await trace.stop();

HTTP Request Tracing

Performance Monitoring provides an API to trace HTTP network requests.

import perf from '@react-native-firebase/perf';
async function getRequest(url) {
// Define the network metric
const metric = await perf().newHttpMetric(url, 'GET');
// Define meta details
metric.putAttribute('user', 'abcd');
// Perform a HTTP request and provide response information
const response = await fetch(url);
// Stop the trace
await metric.stop();
return response.json();
// Call API
getRequest('').then((json) => {