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Our products are all open-source or free for personal use - all contributions are welcome!

  • react-native-firebase

    Open Source

    A well tested React Native module which brings the native Firebase Android & iOS SDKs to React Native following the JavaScript web SDK. Includes Realtime Database, Storage, Analytics, Transactions, Crash Reporting and more.

  • redibox

    Open Source

    A modular based library providing solutions to many common Redis use cases such as Caching, Scheduling, Job distribution, PUBSUB and more.

  • denque

    Open Source

    The fastest javascript implementation of a double-ended queue with zero dependencies. Used by many popular node libraries such as ioredis, redis-clustr and mysql.

  • angular-toasty

    Open Source

    An AngularJS module which provides growl style notifications for your application with a number of configurable options including themes (Bootstrap 3, Material Design), sounds, shaking and individual timeout/click events!

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