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We are Invertase - a team of software engineers who deliver high quality bespoke software, focussing on technical tooling and integration solutions.

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React Native Firebase

A well tested feature rich modular Firebase implementation for React Native. Supports both iOS & Android platforms for over 15 Firebase services.


The fastest javascript implementation of a double-ended queue. Used by many popular NodeJS & JavaScript Redis modules, with over 3 million downloads a month.

React Native Material Design

A popular UI library integrating Google\'s Material Design specification into React Native components.

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Invertase specialises in bespoke software solutions built upon modern technologies

Invertase has years of experience building enterprise-scale solutions utilising the latest technologies. Our mission is to enable businesses worldwide to build products with a cost-efficient, resilient and modern technology stack.

With open source software at the heart of our company values, we are already trusted by thousands of developers worldwide who use our open source projects such as React Native Firebase and Denque.

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