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With decades of experience, we specialize in customer-centric Flutter app development and integrated web solutions using modern technologies.

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We're experts and leveraging Google Cloud Platform to build scalable, reliable and secure solutions for your business, with a proven track record of success.

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With our consultancy and training services delivered by our Google Developer Experts, we can elevate your team's technical skillset.

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We create custom solutions to enhance your business data with the power of AI, whether it be decision making or product enhancement.

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We architect robust software solutions for industry leaders such as Google & Ubuntu, and pride ourselves in being an Open-Source first company.

Digital Transformation

We focus on transforming our customers' vision into reality through a process of design, technical architecture and scalable solutions.

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Firebase Extensions

Invertase maintains the existing Firebase Extensions, used by thousands of developers around the world.

Firebase Extensions provide pre-packaged solutions which help developers save time, built on-top of existing Firebase solutions such as Cloud Functions. Invertase helps to fully manage the repository, from issue triage, new extension development, bug fixing and helping to build tooling which helps streamline processes such as release automation.


The official library bringing Firebase integration to Flutter on Android, iOS, Web & Windows platforms is developed & maintained by Invertase.

FlutterFire is the official Firebase integration for Google's open source framework - Flutter. The collection of packages integrates with over 17 Firebase services, integrating with platforms such as Android, iOS, Web & Windows, used by thousands of developers around the world.

The Sock Butler

The Sock Butler is a monthly subscription service, delivering socks to your door each month.

Integrating with Microsoft NAV, Invertase built a custom Stripe-integrated subscription management system for Osan, a leading Hosiery distributor, which allowed customers to manage subscriptions, view order history and more.

Conference App

Built for communities, the white label conference app allows you to create a custom app for your conference, with a range of features.

Built with Flutter, the application showcases features such as a schedule, speakers, sponsors, and more. The app is fully customisable, allowing you to add your own branding, and is available for both iOS and Android.

Hear from our clients

In just the short amount of time since starting on the FlutterFire project, Invertase have made a tremendous amount of progress, including a new set of Core, Authentication, and Firestore plugins that provide new functionality and align the APIs more closely with other Firebase SDKs.

In addition, Invertase have created a whole site of Flutter-specific documentation for each of the Firebase plugins that includes installation instructions and code snippets for common scenarios, as well as a migration guide to help you move your code to this new version. And finally, in addition to all of that great work, this release represents 300+ issues resolved and 80+ pull requests merged.

Chris Sells
Product Manager at Google on Flutter


Invertase at LEAP 2024
Invertase at LEAP 2024
Invertase insight: Google Gemini AI
Invertase insight: Google Gemini AI
Creating a Quiz Generator using the ChatGPT Firebase Extension
Creating a Quiz Generator using the ChatGPT Firebase Extension
Highlights from the Flutter Firebase Festival
Highlights from the Flutter Firebase Festival
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