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Introducing a state-inspector devtool for Provider/Riverpod!

Remi Rousselet

Flutter Engineer & Open source maintainer

3rd March, 2021

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After Zapp!, Invertase is happy to announce our work on a state-inspector for Provider and Riverpod!

This new tool will be accessible directly from the Flutter devtool, allowing you to inspect the state of any application using Provider/Riverpod with no extra setup.

Once available, you can simply upgrade Provider/Riverpod and the devtool to the latest versions, and you should be able to see a new tab in the Flutter devtool. This tab will list all the providers that your application contains and allows you to inspect/edit their state.

This new feature will be part of version 5.0.0 of Provider and 0.14.0 of Riverpod, which will also be null-safe compatible and should be released later this month.

This is still an early preview, but many improvements are planned (such as time-travel). Stay tuned for more information!

Remi Rousselet

Flutter Engineer & Open source maintainer