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Firebase Extensions November Release 2022

Darren Ackers

Lead Developer

Jacob Cable

Software Engineer

21st November, 2022

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What’s new

In this month’s release notes, you will learn more about the latest updates for Firestore BigQuery Export, Storage Resize Images, and the updated guide for creating Gmail app passwords for the Firestore Send Email extension.

Click here to see the full change-log for November.

Version Updates

Firestore BigQuery Export (0.1.27)

Storage Resize Images (0.1.31)

Firestore BigQuery Export

This month includes performance features and updates.

Resources exceeded during query execution

Previously, when you installed the extension, a view would have been created automatically, post-fixed with the name _raw_latest.

Thanks to the Firebase community and developers around the world, we have now upgraded the query syntax for this view, which will you the ability to handle large requests more efficiently.

This feature is added as an opt-in feature, so you can choose to use it or to stay with the original query.

Screenshot of the option to select, for opting into the improved query syntax.

By reconfiguring your BigQuery extension, selecting the option for the new query syntax will update your view for the new query, once the next record has been written to your database.

Make parameter descriptions clearer

For the general configuration of this extension. We have improved the way we describe some of the configuration options for better understanding.

Most notably, are explanations around what happens if partition and wildcard fields are not selected or defined. We hope this makes the installation of the extension a little easier!

Storage Resize Images

We have some interesting updates this month for the Resize Image extension.

Storage Bucket Selection

Developers who have configured an Extension that requires a bucket name, will have across the scenario where you need to look up or simply mistype the name of the bucket and are required to reconfigure!

With the latest update for this extension, you will now find a new field type that will allow you to access all of your available buckets and select an option.

This provides a more efficient way of selecting your Storage Bucket.

Add AVIF codec support

We have added another new type!

For those developers who would like to handle images as AVIF file type.

This extension will now resize and convert to and from AVIF and all other image formats listed in the extension.

The full list now includes:

  • JPEG
  • WEBP
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • AVIF

Darren Ackers

Lead Developer

Jacob Cable

Software Engineer