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Firebase Extensions October Release 2022

Darren Ackers

Lead Developer

Jacob Cable

Software Engineer

22nd October, 2022

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What’s new

This month we include updates for Firestore BigQuery Export and improved guides for Firestore Send Email.

In addition to some housekeeping to help our contributors and overall development.

Version Updates

  • Firestore BigQuery Export (0.1.27)
  • Firestore BQ Import Collection (0.1.14)
  • Firebase Send Email (0.1.20)

Firestore BigQuery Export

This month includes multiple features and performance updates.

Additionally, a new release of the Import Script includes better error support and an improved codebase for future maintenance.

Including old/previous data in records

When records are updated or deleted, users often found that custom queries were required to discover what the original data was before the change. Although this information could be discoverable through a custom query on the change-log table, this could become quite complex.

Going forward all UPDATE and DELETE records will now include both the current data and previous data in a new column called old_data.

Updating metadata too often

An issue that has been discovered in particularly large databases, is that an error would occur if too many records were updated simultaneously.

For developers that found an error message similar to:

“message”: “Exceeded rate limits: too many table update operations for this table”

Please upgrade to the latest version to resolve this issue.

BQ Import Script

Additional updates have been added to our most recent work in improving the maintenance and performance of the Import Script.

You will now find much better error handling and improved descriptions when running the utility.

Firestore Send Email

A common question when configuring this extension is how to set up the SMTP server to work with a Gmail account.

Recently, Google announced that users are no longer allowed to authenticate with their own passwords for third-party apps and services. The original guide can be found here.

Our improved pre-install documentation now includes a guide on how to securely authenticate with Gmail for usage in your Extensions.


For contributors to the repository, we have significantly improved the speed of the CI checks when creating PRs.

Husky has now been added. This utility will ensure the code has been correctly formatted and matches the coding standards set by the respiratory. No more multiple commits fixing formatting issues discovered by the Github CI.

Additionally, numerous documentation updates have been included, including the removal of our outdated contest announcement.

Darren Ackers

Lead Developer

Jacob Cable

Software Engineer