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Firebase Extensions Release Notes – December 2022

Darren Ackers

Lead Developer

1st December, 2022

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What’s new

In this month’s release notes, you will learn more about the latest updates for Firestore BigQuery Export, Storage Resize Images, and the Translate Text extension.

Version Updates

Firestore BigQuery Export (0.1.28)

Storage Resize Images (0.1.32)

Firestore Translate Text (0.1.9)

Lifecycle hooks

This latest release includes a very anticipated new feature this week, and two of our favorite extensions are the first to have it installed!

Lifecycle events allow pre-defined functions to take place based on the following events:

  • onInstall
  • onUpdate
  • onConfigure

Firestore Translate Text

This extension now provides an option to backfill translations automatically and supports the onInstall, onUpdate and onConfigure events:

This feature is extremely useful for the following:

  • Translating documents that existed before the Extension was installed.
  • Also, updating previous translations following additional configuration: for example, adding or removing the configured `languages`.
  • Re-running previous translations that may have errored.

To see this in action, upgrade to the latest version and set it to translate existing documents:

The status of the translation updates can be tracked in the new runtime status tab:

Documents are batch processed at a hard-coded value of `250` documents per process to ensure all documents are safely processed.

Storage Resize Images

This extension also provides a new `backfill` configuration option and supports the onInstall, onUpdate and onConfigure events:

Example scenarios for this update include:

  • Existing images existed before the installation of the extension.
  • Regeneration/resizing of images due to new configuration.
  • Past images that may have errored when resizing.

Note: If the deletion of original image has been selected as part of the configuration, the previous image will no longer exist. Therefore those images will not be resized based on the updated configuration.

To get started, upgrade to the latest version and select Yes for the Backfill existing images option.

Selecting `Yes` and choosing to Save the configuration will start the process of resizing images.

The status can be tracked through the `Runtime status` tab:

To safely backfill, the task queue handling the backfill processes will process a maximum of `3` images per batch. Once started, the task will paginate through all images based on the extension’s configuration.

Firestore BigQuery Export

Following the previous release, further patches have been applied to ensure that tables and views are correctly updated on installation and re-configuration. Specifically:

  • raw_changelog
  • raw_latest

This now allows seamless upgrades to include the new `old_data` column while also allowing developers to opt-in and out of the new and improved raw_latest view SQL syntax.

Configuring your extension is even more protective for updating table configuration and metadata.

Generate Schema Views

An update has also been applied for a bug that appeared, stating:

Cannot add fields (field: old_data)

The latest version (0.4.4) addresses this issue. Alternatively, running the script, as usual, will now work as expected:

npx @firebaseextensions/fs-bq-schema-views



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Darren Ackers

Lead Developer