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Flutter community and Invertase Hacktoberfest 2022 result

Majid Hajian

Head of DevRel

28th November, 2022

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In September 2022, the DevRel team at Invertase announced Hacktoberfest special edition for the Flutter community with surprising swag.


I am pleased with what we have achieved this year! This year’s result is astonishing which I am happy to share as follows:

GitHub Orgs: flame-engine,invertase,fluttercommunity,

PR’s created date: between 2022-09-28 to 2022-11-05

Total pull requests 247
Total merged Pull Requests 201
Total participants (users) 1000
Total contributors involved 47
Total repositories involved 15
Total maintainers involved 14

The top repositories that received at least one merged PR

Org/Repo Number of PRs
flame-engine/flame 86
fluttercommunity/plus_plugins 85
invertase/melos 8
invertase/spec 4
invertase/samples 4
invertase/flutterfire_cli 3
fluttercommunity/flutter_downloader 2
invertase/docs.page 2
fluttercommunity/flutter_workmanager 1
flame-engine/tiled.dart 1
flame-engine/flame_perfomance_test_game 1
flame-engine/ignite-cli 1
flame-engine/awesome-flame 1
flame-engine/flame-docs-site 1
invertase/notifee 1

The most active maintainers who merged PRs

Github Username PRs reviewed
spydon spydon 90
miquelbeltran miquelbeltran 42
vbuberen vbuberen 36
blaugold blaugold 8
nohli nohli 7
rrousselGit rrousselGit 4
pr-Mais pr-Mais 4
Lyokone Lyokone 2
bartekpacia bartekpacia 2
Salakar Salakar 2
erickzanardo erickzanardo 1
ened ened 1
cabljac cabljac 1
mikehardy mikehardy 1

Finally, the top contributors, at least one of their PRs, were merged.

Github Username Merged PRs Special PR
vbuberen Volodymyr Buberenko 30 NO
spydon Lukas Klingsbo 23 NO
miquelbeltran Miguel Beltran 19 NO
munsterlander Munsterlander 14 YES
dipakp2726 Dipak Prajapati 13 NO
ShwetaChauhan18 Shweta Chauhan 10 NO
nohli Joachim Nohl 8 NO
ufrshubham DevKage 6 NO
idlehart Joakim Sjöstedt 5 NO
mattmyne Matt Bennett 5 NO
Anas35 null 4 NO
bartekpacia Bartek Pacia 4 NO
immadisairaj Sai Rajendra Immadi 4 NO
pr-Mais Mais Alheraki 4 NO
aakash-pamnani Aakash Pamnani 4 NO
werainkhatri Viren Khatri 4 YES
bhattabhi013 Abhishek Bhatt 4 NO
Almighty-Alpaca Aljoscha Grebe 3 NO
alexmercerind Hitesh Kumar Saini 3 NO
shaynekellyii Shayne Kelly II 2 NO
piedcipher Tirth 2 NO
SirusCodes Darshan Rander 2 NO
ayrotideysarkar ayroti dey sarkar 2 NO
quentin7b Quentin Klein 2 NO
tibi77 TB 2 YES
lohnn Johannes Löhnn 1 NO
ened Sebastian Roth 1 NO
JCQuintas Jose C Quintas Jr 1 NO
Aatmaj-Zephyr Aatmaj 1 NO
mhadaily Majid Hajian 1 NO
Seuleuzeuh Morgan SOULLEZ 1 NO
Perumallpardhiv null 1 NO
lex111 Alexey Pyltsyn 1 NO
SscSPs Sahil Soni 1 NO
ThexXTURBOXx Nico Mexis 1 YES
daniel-shuy Daniel Shuy 1 NO
jmatth Josh Matthews 1 YES
TheZal Riccardo Solazzi 1 NO
charafau Rafal Wachol 1 NO
sumit7577 sumit kumar 1 NO
sccalabr null 1 NO
rivella50 Valentin Treu 1 NO
ueman Jonas Uekötter 1 NO
LukeMoody01 Luke Moody 1 YES
Abubakrce19 ce19 1 NO
kailashchoudhary11 Kailash Choudhary 1 NO
trejdych Tomasz Rejdych 1 NO


This result is exciting, and we are proud of everyone who contributed to this program to make the community thrive and improve daily.

We will contact everyone on the list to inform them how they can redeem their swag box.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news that we will share in the future. Follow us on Invertase TwitterLinkedin, and Youtube, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date. You may also join our Discord to have an instant conversation with us.

Majid Hajian

Head of DevRel