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Firebase Extensions September Release 2022

Darren Ackers

Lead Developer

4th October, 2022

What’s New?

There has been one major update this month.

Storage Resize Images (Public Download URLs)

One popular issue when resizing images was the effort required by developers to keep image URLs secure. As developers, we have always used the SDKs provided by Firebase to access our images from Cloud Storage securely; this was no different for resized images stored in our Storage Buckets.

By updating to version ^0.1.29, developers now have the option to make their resized images public!

Simply reconfigure your extension and ensure you select the Make resized images publicand you can now access your images using the following format:


Event Metadata

In addition, we have added the ability to add the original image metadata to your resized image events. This is useful if you want to access additional information from your images, such as the original image name or the date when it was resized.

Improvements / Bug fixes

This month has included a mix of updates, from maintenance to documentation updates on BigQuery Export and Firestore Send Email. We also have some exciting reworked new extensions; speaking of…

BigQuery Import Script

There are two new updates:


We have improved the codebase and fixed a longstanding bug with the multi-threaded feature released earlier this year. Users can now make full use of concurrency and processing efficiency.

Using the command -m or -multi-threaded will now ensure that you can take advantage of multi-thread processing.

npx @firebaseextensions/fs-bq-import-collection -m=true
npx @firebaseextensions/fs-bq-import-collection -multi-threaded=true

Improvements using this feature will allow developers to experience:

  • Reduced bugs on timeout/memory issues when using a single-threaded approach
  • Vastly improved performance as the script will automatically autoscale to take advantage of the resources available on your machine.


We have also added a new command! This allows you to view the current version of the extension.

Try it with:

npx @firebaseextensions/fs-bq-import-collection -V

BigQuery Generate Schema

As with the import script, we didn’t want the generate schema script to be left behind. This also has a new versioning command!

Try it out with:

npx @firebaseextensions/fs-bq-schema-views -V

Firestore BigQuery Export

Previous installations of the BigQuery Extension utilized a specific dependency called bigquery-json.googleapis.com. This has been deprecated in recent months and became a required update for the next version!

Going forward from version 0.1.25. This extension will now use the newer bigquery.googleapis.com API going forward.

Firestore Send Email

A description custom senders has now been removed.

The from the field is no longer included in a basic example when adding to a collection.

Source: README


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Darren Ackers

Lead Developer



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