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Announcing Zapp! EAP: Build Dart & Flutter apps in the browser!

Elliot Hesp


3rd March, 2021

Today at Invertase we’re super excited to announce that a project we’ve been working on will soon be ready for Early Access Preview. Zapp! allows developers to code and run Dart & Flutter projects directly within a browser without the need for a local development environment.

Preview #1

Zapp! has been built from the ground up, with inspiration from DartPad and other services such as CodeSandbox to provide awesome features such as:

  • Free & Open Source: Zapp! is a free and Open Source project (once it’s ready!), maintained by Invertase.
  • Fully integrated IDE: Built on-top of the VS Code Monaco editor, Zapp! provides a developer experience similar to that of a local IDE, integrating features such as typeahead, code completion, analyzer warnings and more.
  • Sandbox Environment: Zapp! allows for the use of any web compatible Dart and Flutter plugin published on pub.dev. Simply modify the projects pubspec.yaml, add the plugin and re-build your Zapp. You can even choose your Flutter SDK versions.
  • Zapp! Lite: One of the primary goals for Zapp! is to make it easily embeddable into any website or project. Simply add a Zapp! ID to one of the components available (React, Vue, Lit Element) or embed an iframe directly into your website. Zapp! Lite is perfect for documentation examples and snippets.
  • Shareable: Once you’ve created the perfect Zapp!, share it with the world with a unique URL. Other developers can extend your Zapp! and create their own. Shareable Zapp! applications are ideal for issue reproduction or feature proposals.

Right now we’re still testing and working on some of the nitty gritty details, however we’re looking for developers to help test it out once ready. If you’re interested in helping out provide early feedback, please let us know by providing your email address and GitHub username here.

Own or maintain a popular Dart or Flutter plugin? We’d love to make sure Zapp! works perfectly with your plugin – please let us know when getting in touch.

Even though Zapp! is in its early stages, we’ve got many awesome features planned (such as one-click integration with services such as Firebase).

Preview #2

Elliot Hesp




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