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Invertase team goes to Flutter & Friends conference 2023 in Stockholm

Shirin Sameiee

Program Manager

12th September, 2023

The Invertase team was honoured to attend the prestigious Flutter & Friends Conference 2023, held in the beautiful city of Stockholm from September 3rd to 5th, 2023.

This event marked an exciting opportunity for Invertase to connect with the Flutter community, gain insights into the latest developments in the Flutter ecosystem, and showcase their products and solutions.

Speakers from Our Team

Invertase, a recognized player in the Flutter ecosystem, significantly impacted the conference. They actively participated in various aspects of the event, contributing to the vibrant Flutter community:

Majid Hajian

Majid delivered a compelling talk titled “Running Dart around the Globe.” The talk revolved around the use of Globe, a solution for deploying Dart applications on a serverless global edge network. Majid provided valuable insights into the benefits of using Globe and shared practical guidance on its implementation. Attendees better understood how this solution could help them efficiently deploy, scale, and configure their Dart server applications.

You can watch the Talk here

What is Globe?

Globe is a cutting-edge deployment platform tailored for Dart developers, enabling them to effortlessly launch their Dart applications on a worldwide service without the hassles of server, network, or scalability management.

The platform is designed to offer a seamless deployment experience with notable features like one-command deployments, GitHub integration for automated deployments on each git push, custom domain assignment with automatic SSL certificate handling, and organizational support for unified project and user management.

The emergence of Globe addresses a pressing need in the Dart community. Despite Dart being a powerful choice for server-based applications, deploying them poses challenges. Developers often grapple with understanding various cloud providers and tools like Docker and Kubernetes, and the intricacies of scaling, load balancing, and SSL certification.

Globe simplifies this process by leveraging multiple cloud providers, ensuring globally distributed services with zero management overhead. Applications deployed through Globe benefit from global accessibility, ensuring low latency and high availability for users, and the platform also supports preview deployments for every change or commit, streamlining the deployment process.

Read more about Globe here.

Our Booth and Activities

Invertase set up an exhibition booth at the conference’s exhibition stage. Here, attendees had the chance to engage directly with the Invertase team, ask questions, and explore the products and services offered by the company.

This booth served as a focal point for networking and knowledge sharing.

Sum up

Invertase’s participation at the Flutter & Friends Conference 2023 in Stockholm was a resounding success.

The team’s involvement in delivering talks, engaging with the community, and showcasing their solutions underscored their dedication to advancing the Flutter ecosystem.

As Flutter continues to evolve, Invertase remains a prominent and valuable contributor, and its presence at events like this reaffirms its position as a key player in the Flutter community.

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Shirin Sameiee

Program Manager



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