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Invertase team goes to FlutterCon 2023 in Berlin

Shirin Sameiee

Program Manager

13th July, 2023

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The team from Invertase had the privilege to attend FlutterCon, a prominent Flutter conference held in Berlin from 5th to 7th July 2023 at CityCube. The event aimed to bring together Flutter enthusiasts, developers, and experts from around the world to share knowledge, insights, and experiences related to the Flutter framework.

Speakers from Our Team

During FlutterCon, our team had the opportunity to showcase our expertise and share our insights with the Flutter community. The following members of our team delivered engaging talks:


Remi delivered an informative “Custom Lint: Writing Lints and Fixes” talk at FlutterCon 2023. The talk focused on the custom_lint package, enabling developers to create their own lint rules and quick fixes for improved code maintainability.

Talk link


Guillaume delivered an insightful talk on effective notification handling in Flutter at FlutterCon 2023. He discussed key topics such as setting up notifications, sending them from a server, differentiating between data-only and normal notifications, integrating with GoRouter, handling foreground and background notifications, and utilising the Flutter Local Notification plugin.

Talk link

Slides link


Majid delivered a concise talk on simplifying Dart mono-repo management with Melos at FlutterCon 2023. Melos, a powerful command-line interface tool, streamlines code sharing, collaboration, and automation in Dart projects with multiple packages.

Talk link

Slides link


Darren conducted a workshop on “Building Your First Firebase Extension” at FlutterCon 2023. Attendees learned the process of how to create and share Firebase extensions, which serve as reusable building blocks for Firebase projects.

Talk link

Slides link


Mike and Majid delivered an insightful “Running Dart Around the Globe” talk at FlutterCon 2023. The talk explored the benefits of using Dart for server-side applications and covered various deployment options, including globe.dev

Talk link

Slides link


Renuka delivered a concise “Building Scalable and Secure Apps with Flutter and Firebase” workshop at FlutterCon 2023. Attendees gained valuable insights into leveraging Firebase’s capabilities to create robust Flutter apps.

Talk link

Slides link

Our Booth and Activities

We had an engaging booth where attendees could explore our latest Flutter projects and interact with our team members. The following activities were organised at our booth:

Dedicated Game Space: BlueFire’s Flutter Game with Flame

At our booth, we showcased an impressive Flutter game developed by the talented BlueFire team. This captivating game, powered by the Flame engine, highlighted the versatility of Flutter for game development

The game demonstrated Flutter’s capability to handle animations, user interactions, and rendering, making it a promising choice for cross-platform game development.

The BlueFire team’s contribution to FlutterCon 2023 showcased the potential of Flutter beyond traditional mobile apps, leaving attendees inspired to explore Flutter’s possibilities in the gaming industry.

Swag Table

We had a dedicated area for distributing Flutter-themed swag items, such as stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and Zappy, to the conference participants.

Daily Raffle

We organised a daily raffle to engage attendees further, offering exciting prizes related to Flutter and our company. This added an element of fun and excitement to our booth.

Sum up

FlutterCon 2023 was a fantastic experience for our team. We had the opportunity to connect with fellow Flutter developers, learn from industry experts, and showcase our own contributions to the Flutter community.

We look forward to applying the knowledge gained from the conference and continuing to push the boundaries of Flutter development.

What is next?

The Flutter Firebase Festival (F3) in Prague is a dynamic event that unifies Flutter and Firebase enthusiasts and communities. Join us for two days filled with insightful talks, workshops, and interactive sessions exploring the exciting possibilities of combining Flutter and Firebase technologies and, more importantly, celebrate together.

Date: 26 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2023

Location: Prague

Website: https://f3.events

Make sure to stay tuned for more information on these events, as they promise to provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for Flutter and Firebase enthusiasts.

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Shirin Sameiee

Program Manager